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Wing Chong

    Pop Vocal Tutor, Singer, Performer


17岁开始步入民歌餐厅驻唱,现在已有近17年的演唱经验,她是一位积极的歌手也是行内众所周知的实力派歌手,无论在唱功,台风,舞台魅力或带动气氛的能力上也是顶级人物。从只会唱歌的她不断的进修自己挑战自己,经过多年的努力以及站在不同的舞台演出让她得奖无数,同时她也是一位和音天使,其中参与过江梦蕾演唱会,颜莞倩“倩动人心”云顶大型LIVE音乐会等等,目前她担任两间大型教会的敬拜团声乐老师,曾参演过大马乐团(Dama Orchestra)的《我和春天有个约会舞台剧》,Anak Malaysia大马薪传音乐舞台剧等等,最近还赢得了全球粤语好声音(马来西亚区)的季军。

Wing Chong, a singer who is passionate about music since young. With her mature and cunning voice technique, she is well known and renowned in the industry for her hard work and impressive performances. She has decided to kick start her career after much motivation and encouragement from her family, friends and fans, and partners with established musicians who have over 10 years of experience in the field.

Wing is currently working as Vocal Instructor and the Lead Singer of Beat Music Live Band. She holds an Advance Distinction certificate from London College Of Music Performance Awards In Chineses Music.


2010 I Have A Date With Spring-The Musical

我和春天有个约会舞台剧 Hawaiian Presents in His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth Australia by Dama Orchestra

2010 Digi’s Enterprise Appreciation Dinner in February

2009 I Have A Date With Spring-The Musical

我和春天有个约会舞台剧 by Dama Orchestra

2009 颜莞倩 ‘倩动人心’ 云顶大型LIVE 音乐会

2009 Anak Malaysia 大马薪传音乐舞台剧

by Dua Space Dance Theatre

2009 Centro Klang October’s Festival in October

2009 Canon’s EOS Exclusive Media Preview Dinner

2009 Canon’s EOS Introduction Company Dinner

2008 Southern Records Artitst Charity Concert


2008 Dayang Property (Capital Land) Company Dinner

2008 Lion Club of Kuala Lumpur (OUG) Group 10th Anniversary Dinner at Sungai Way

2008 Lilian Too Open House Party PJ

2006 Lee Yi Fong (Singer from China) Genting Highland Charity Dinner Concert 李一凤梦见爱慈善晚宴演唱会

2005 JW Marriot Hall Chai Xing Juan charity Dinner Concert 蔡幸娟怀念邓丽君慈善晚宴

2003 Ye Fong (Taiwan famous oldies singer) concert in Singapore 叶枫与好友演唱会


2007 容祖儿 Close Up 歌唱比赛 冠军 –Champion

2006 英豪媒体传播学院歌唱大赛 冠军 –Champion

2003 Asia Pioneer 金曲歌唱比赛 季军 –2nd Runner Up

2002 Tsun Jin 循人中学独唱比赛 –冠军Champion

2001 Wind Restuarant 民歌歌唱比赛 亚军 –1st Runner Up

2001 Tsun Jin 循人中学独唱比赛 –亚军1st Runner Up

2000 Tsun Jin 循人中学独唱比赛 –冠军Champion