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If a child does not have the opportunity to learn from a young age, it will be difficult to become a charismatic social role in the future. Letting children participate in theatrical performances is not about cultivating literary enthusiasts, but about giving children a social skill. ——The famous scholar Yu Qiuyu

Children have a natural tendency and ability to engage in artistic activities, and children's artistic activities directly represent the child's life needs. After the performance, the child can feel the feelings of the characters in the story, and the fate of the characters will bring a rich experience to the children and obtain spiritual satisfaction.

In the process of participating in the drama activities, young children will be subtly influenced and assimilated. Positive emotions develop, negative emotions are channeled, and children are formed to form a perfect personality.

"一个孩子如果没有机会从小学习表演,将来很难成为有魅力的社会角色。让儿童参加戏剧表演,不是要培养文艺爱好者,而是要赋予孩子们一种社会技能。"                              ——著名学者余秋雨



  • Junior drama
    • Total 8 lesson per semester
      Age From 3 to 6
  • Children drama
    • Total 8 lesson per semester
      Age From 7 to 12
  • Adult drama
    • Total 8 lesson per semester
      Age From 13 and above

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